We care about
the environment

From the beginning of the project of Herdade Foz da Represa our focus has been on developing a new and innovative service where the local nature and environmental interests play a key role.

We love being surrounded by trees, greenery, NATURE.

No efforts will be spared to conserve and enhance the much-loved features of our protected landscapes.

We will promote a tree-planting scheme that will be complemented by planting native shrubs and flora – we will also restore the existing neglected kitchen gardens on site with fruit and vegetables.

We value areas of outstanding natural beauty that promises to tell you the stories of the landscape through its architecture, history, local wines, artisanal food, people and wildlife.

We care for

Portuguese people are friendly and seriously willing and able to help when it comes to hospitality. They go an extra mile to help and make you feel safe and taken care of the entire time.

A lot of young people in Portugal speak English and they speak it well. Often, they don’t dare or don’t feel comfortable to do so but they help/assist you in any possible way.

At the first glance, they can look very quiet, reserved people but they love to party.

New or Older – they love to laugh and have FUN, OUR kind of people!

We care about
the people

We are not alone on this planet.

Especially in our region – there are many opportunities to take it forward in a positive way. Although we are a small company, we think we can make a difference in positive development of our region. We don’t have an answer for everything, but we always do our best and try to think out of the box.

We believe that local Prosperity & Character will be an economic advantage. Neighbours can be linked in a web of economic and social relationships, contributing to local causes and ensuring that important decisions are made locally, enriching the whole community.

A marketplace or small businesses is in our perspective the best way to ensure long-term innovation.

A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products on their own interests and the needs of their local customers will guarantee a much broader range of product choices.

We care about
local products

A fusion of warmth, sun, ripped fruits & vegetables, luxurious and comfortable accommodation all in a breathtaking serene scenery.

FOOD can be healthy, joyful, creative & beautiful and delicious!

We strive to support our local community and farmers emphasizing the use of locally grown, seasonal ingredients.