Get ready for 4 days of wines and tapas – June 22nd to 25th

Get ready for 4 days of wines and tapas - June 22nd to 25th

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Herdade Foz da Represa and prestigious wineries from Mértola join forces for an unforgettable wine tasting, during the Mértola Village Festivities on June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

The Herdade Foz da Represa is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with renowned wineries Herdade dos Lagos (HDL), Herdade Vale D´Évora (Discórdia) and Herdade Salvador (Mondadeiras) for an unmissable wine tasting event to be held in the gardens of Herdade Foz da Represa during the Mértola Village Festivities from June 22nd to 25th.

This unique event provides an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore and enjoy some of the finest wine creations from the region in a charming and relaxed atmosphere. Through this remarkable partnership, Herdade Foz da Represa and the participating wineries aim to promote the local winemaking wealth and provide a unique sensory experience for the visitors of the Mértola Village Festivities.

The picturesque and welcoming gardens of Herdade Foz da Represa will serve as the perfect backdrop for wine lovers to explore the distinct flavors and aromatic nuances of locally produced wines. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste a variety of superior quality wines, ranging from full-bodied and elegant red wines to refreshing white wines and delicate rosés.

In addition to wine tastings, the event will also feature the presence of wine experts and producers who will share their knowledge and passion for local winemaking. Visitors will have the chance to learn more about winemaking techniques, grape varieties used, and the fascinating history behind each wine.

The wine tasting at Herdade Foz da Represa is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local wine culture while enjoying pleasant moments in good company. This unique experience will captivate both seasoned wine connoisseurs and curious beginners.

In an interview with the owner of HFR – Wine Experiences, Mr. Raymond Klomp expressed excitement about hosting this wine tasting during the Mértola Village Festivities. “We are thrilled to join forces with Herdade dos Lagos, Herdade Vale D’Évora, and Herdade Salvador to offer wine enthusiasts a truly memorable experience. It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our wines and share with visitors the passion we have for this ancient art.”

Mr. Klomp also emphasized the importance of multiculturalism in this collaboration. “Herdade Foz da Represa is a place where languages intersect and cultures intertwine. We are pleased to welcome visitors from all over the world, and that’s why we strive to provide information and assistance to our guests in various languages, including Portuguese, English, Dutch, and German. We want everyone to feel at home and fully enjoy this unique wine experience.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this unforgettable wine tasting during the Mértola Village Festivities from June 22nd to 25th.

Entrance is free.

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